Would You Settle? This Study Reveals 73 Percent Did Not Marry Their True Love

“Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love”
– Carrie Bradshaw –

That kind of love. Do you know it?

Study Reveals 73 Percent Did Not Marry Their True Love

A study by Siemens Festival Nights concluded that 73% of married people SETTLED. They did NOT marry their “true love”. They settled for ‘good enough’ or made the safe choice.

• 17% said they met their soul mate too late; when they were already married to someone else.
• 46% said they would leave their current partner to be with their true love.

So, Why Do People Settle?

Relationship expert Kavita Patel explains that people settle for a variety of reasons. For a fear of being alone, for wanting security and comfort with another person – anyone for that matter. Time also plays a major role in this. “Well, it’s better to be with somebody than nobody. I think that comes up for people,” Patel said.

Would you settle because the time is right? Or would you rather be alone than settle for less?

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