This is the best time to schedule your job interview according to science

Have you ever wondered what the best time for a job interview is? Should you go early in the morning to be the first one to impress the interviewer? Or should you go last in order to leave a smashing impression?

What is the best time to schedule a job interview?

The quick answer to this is… GO EARLY! It turns out that it’s the best to be the first.
Research shows that you will have the best chance of being selected when you are the first, or one of the firsts, compared to being the last. Why? There are two reasons for this.

#1 People prefer ‘firsts’

People tend to prefer first options. Whether it’s the first burger on a menu or the first response to your Ebay item, the first option is generally considered the best option.
This was demonstrated by a study on decision making. Participants favored consumer goods and people (salespersons, teams, criminals on parole) presented first compared to similar options presented second or in subsequent positions.

#2 Being first optimizes your chances of being selected

Research shows that you are less likely to be selected when multiple suitable candidates have been interviewed before you.
A study by the University of Philadelphia found that college admissions interviewers who have said ‘yes’ to several applicants are less likely to approve another one that day. Data from 9000 M.B.A interviews has been analyzed and back this finding.

So the next time you are scheduling a job interview, or any other selection or admission interview, make sure to go early in the morning!