Why you are never too old to start your own business

The current belief amongst Generation X and Y seems to be that you should have pretty much made it by the time you hit 30. You should have at least achieved some major goal before 35.
Turning 40 seems so far away when you are in your twenties. Your life will be pretty much over by that time, right?

Wrong! Very wrong.

These people started their business venture later in live.
Imagine if they didn’t because they thought they were too old to even bother?

♥  At 41 Asa Candler founded Coca-Cola
♥  At 49 Adolf Dassler founded Adidas
♥  At 51 Gordon Bowker founded Starbucks
♥  At 52 Ray Kroc started McDonalds
♥  At 55 Ariana Huffington founded the Huffington Post
♥  At 56 Ferdinand Porsche founded Porsche
♥  At 62 Colonel Harland Sanders founded KFC

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