Will A Dream Job Make You Happy Or Will Happiness Lead To Job Satisfaction?

‘If only I could find my dream job, then I would be really happy.’ Has a thought like this ever crossed your mind? Many of us are searching for our passion or our dream job, but will an awesome career really make you happy?

Science has studied this question and here is what researchers have to say about it.

Will a dream job make you happy OR do happy people love their jobs?

Research shows that happiness leads to job satisfaction. The researchers concluded that the causal relationship from subjective well-being to job satisfaction was stronger than the causal relationship from job satisfaction to subjective well-being. They found positive relationships between job satisfaction and (1) life satisfaction, (2) happiness and (3) positive affect.
Moreover, a happy mind can improve your performance which in turn can have a positive influence on job satisfaction. We perform best when we are positive and happy. This is what happiness researcher Shawn Achor calls the ‘happiness advantage’.

Why your dream job will not guarantee happiness

Doing a job you absolutely LOVE can positively influence your everyday mood but it will not guarantee long-term happiness. Why is that? A study by Psychology Professor Sonja Lyubomirsky showed that only 10% of our happiness is determined by external circumstances. Our thoughts and actions have a 4 times greater influence. So when you have found your dream job but also have a negative outlook on life, you will find ways to see the bad instead of the good.

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Why success will not guarantee happiness

Perhaps you are not striving for ‘finding that dream job’ but for ‘becoming successful’. However, success will also not lead to happiness per definition. The reason for this is that our brains never really experience the success we achieve because our mind is already thinking of the next goal. You can read more on this topic in How To Rewire Your Brain For Happiness And Success.

Conclusion? Stop waiting for your dream job in order to be happy, start looking on the bright side of life TODAY.


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