[a] zillionist [the; m, f] • A person with interest in an infinite variety of topics •

The web is full of amazing beauty, fashion and health content. And we all enjoy a funny cat. But Zillionist knows that you like MORE than that. We want to accessorize you with a witty brain.
On zillionist.com you will find research-based content with a focus on Business and Human Behavior. This online magazine brings you science-backed life hacks for better understanding yourself and others. We love sharing personal development tips (not the mushy kind, but the ones based on facts & science). Here we talk about:

Brain hacks – for building a great life and relationships

Business hacks – for making the most out of your career and business

Zillionist.com is your motivational boost to the TOP. This does not mean you have to become the CEO of a multinational company. No, this means: YOUR top. Whatever this mean to you. You might want to finish school, become an entrepreneur, travel, become a parent, switch careers, work for a non-profit organization, etc.

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