Bizarre correlations between very unrelated things

Very witty and very funny are the correlations found by
And you can join them in next their correlation study. How fun!

Here’s a small selection of their findings.

•  59% of people in general prefer thin-crust pizza to deep-dish, compared with 75% of people who can’t type blindly.
•  29% of people in general do not like mayonnaise, compared with 15% of people who are good dancers.
•  27% of people make New Year’s resolutions, compared with 14% of people who like fudge.

Lesson one in statistics is that correlation does not mean causation.
If this were the case it would lead to very disturbing, but very funny, conclusions:

•  Eating a lot or margarine leads to divorce.
•  Eating a lot of cheese increases the risk of dying by becoming tangled in your bedsheets.
•  The more people buy online during Black Friday, the more people are killed by dogs.
•  Eating a lot of sour cream prevents murders.