Career: Should You Follow Your Passion? Do You Even Have One?

Are you following your passion? The most important life goal amongst millennials seems to be to find their passion – and then pursue it. But when it comes down to your career, is it wise to passionately look for your passion? And do we all have one to begin with?

Canadian psychologist Robert J. Vallerand studied the assumption that people have pre-existing passions just waiting to be discovered. This is the basis for the ‘passion hypothesis’. Vallerand showed that 84 percent of the surveyed students were identified as having a passion. This being the vast majority: could this be support for the passion hypothesis?

The researchers came to another conclusion when they looked closer at the data. It showed that less than 4 percent of the total identified passions had ANY relation to work or education. In turned out that 96 percent of the identified passions were hobby-style interests. The 5 most identified passions were: dance, hockey, skiing, reading and swimming.
We can conclude that MOST of our passions do not have anything to offer when it comes to choosing a career. So unless you plan to become a professional hobbyist, you may want to consider NOT following your passion.


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