3 atypical ways to increase your happiness

We probably have all heard before that family time, exercise and sunshine increases our happiness.
But did you know that by doing these things you can spike your happiness even more?

1) Play matchmaker

It turns out playing matchmaker can actually induce happiness.
Not only romantic matchmaking has this effect, but introducing friends or even professional connections may spike some happiness. Study shows that when you match people that otherwise probably would never have met, induces happiness the most.

2) Put a pen between your teeth

The Facial Feedback theory described that facial movement can influence emotional experience. You can trick your brain in to thinking you are laughing by mimicking the facial expression. By doing this your brain will register you are experiencing joy, which will make you feel joyous.
Study shows that people who are unable to frown due to the use of botox experience negative emotions less than people who can frown.

3) Listen to sad music

Research shows that sad music elevates mood when the music is perceived as being of “high aesthetic value”. According to the researchers, people can easily concentrate on the music when they find it beautiful. This serves as an effective distraction to their sad mood.
Another explanaition is that our mood enhances becauce the lyrics can make us feel connected and understood.