The 7 coolest and weirdest crowdfunding success stories

Ever thought about starting your own crowdfunding project? To get you inspired, here is a selection of the coolest and weirdest crowdfunding success stories.

The Desolenator turns salt and contaminated water into drinking water. It feeds of off solar power so it does not need to be plugged in. Could this product solve the world’s water crisis?

• Petalite Flux: The best mobile charger in the world. It’s the fastest: it charges an iPhone 5s in 9 minutes. It lasts twice as long as a normal chargers, 1500 days with a once a day charge.
The crowdfunding project raised almost $60,000 at the start of the year on Indiegogo.

• The first affordable 3D home printer.
Researchers from the MIT Media Lab started the FORM1 project to create a 3D printer. Their original goal was $100,000 but they reached $3 million. It’s for sale right now.

And now on to some eyebrow-raisers

• Emoji Dick
That’s right, the classic Moby Dick story is translated in to emoji’s.
Now you can read Moby Dick in emoji-language. Yeah.

• Grilled cheesus
For everyone who would like to take a holy bite.

Picture: Kickstarter

• Pi Pie pan
To celebrate annual Pi day, of course.


• The Griz Coat
Fitting for every occasion.