This personality trait predicts male attractiveness

What would you guess to be the most desirable quality in a man? A good sense of humor? Ambition? Kindness? Study shows that the most desirable quality, or the trait that predicts the attractiveness to the opposite sex the best, turns out to be altruism.

Study results suggest that altruists have higher mating success than non-altruists. Males who display altruistic behavior, like donating to charities or helping others, are simply more popular amongst the opposite sex. Research has shown that when women are looking for a long-term relationship, they choose an altruistic man – whether he is attractive or not.
A reason for this could be that altruism may indicate that the man would be a good father.

So is altruism the only personality trait that predicts male attractiveness? No. Humor is also one of the top traits for predicting desirability. It is so important because it makes a women assume that the man is intelligent.

Ladies, do you recognize this? And men, are you already thinking about doing some volunteer work? : )