Jobs outside the box – Community Manager @ The Yacht Week

If you have heard about The Yacht Week before, you know that this organization breathes fun and excitement.
Every summer The Yacht Week organizes 12 consecutive weeks where you can book a yacht with your friends. For 7 days you will sail and party in Croatia, Italy or Greece. With around 50 other yachts you will lay ashore a new harbor every evening. If you haven’t had enough you can also choose a winter edition in the Virgin Islands or Thailand.

The Yacht Week was founded by two young Swedisch guys, Erik Biorklund and William Wenkel, who loved to sail and bring their friends. TYW headquarters are based in London but they are active in dozens of countries.

So what’s the job?

The Yacht Week has Community Managers who handle the local sales and marketing activities.
The managers needs to grow The Yacht Week community in their city. The manager creates meaningful, lasting relationships with a solid community of like-minded people.

Furthermore, they are looking for the following:
• A social influencer genius
• With lots of creativity
• Who is self-motivating
• And has a good business sense

Go check it out here!

Picture credit: Fabian Wester